My Brother John

My brother, John Xiao is currently a junior at McNair Academic High School, which is ranked the second best high school in New Jersey. In order to attend this high school, you have to take the PSATs your eight grade year and an entrance exam.

The school enforces a business type dress code for both students and teachers where boys are required to wear slacks, button down shirts and a tie for the entire school year. A few students even start to take courses at a university rather than a regular high school course starting their junior year.

My brother is extremely dedicated to his school work and has been prepping for the SATs since his freshman year of High School. The SAT (Scholastic Assessment Test) is a standardized test for most college admissions in the United States. The test is intended to assess a student’s readiness for college.

He recently attended the open house for Princeton University in Princeton, New Jersey and he is taking his SATs this year to earn an early admission to Princeton and skip his senior year of high school.

Besides from being an honor student since the 1st grade, John is on his school’s track and cross country team, and plays basketball at the YMCA every weekend. People think my brother is this genius and although he is, he is just as regular as everyone else. He plays video games, hangs out with friends, and watches a lot of t.v.

The conflict he faces is making our parents proud but also wanting to do things his way. You would think his future goals include attending an ivy league school, acing his MCAT, going to medical school, and hopefully becoming a surgeon because thats all my parents talk about. But what john really wants to do is finish his senior year of high school, attend his prom, and graduate with the rest of his friends.


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